My first month at Nine Twenty

Emma Sherlock's first month at Nine Twenty

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I have to admit...

Never in my most surreal of dreams did I think I would be meeting Emma Sherlock clutching a goldfish [bowl and all] in the middle of Central Station.

But it happened during my first month at 9-20.

Why did it happen? Well that’s for another blog entirely.

Think of this as a teaser-blog for the goldfish incident.

Anyway back to the first month. This is not only my first month at 9-20, but it is my first month working in the world of recruitment. And let me tell you it is another world entirely. I used to work as a Junior Creative at a digital agency before, so I had really no idea what to expect when I first walked through the door.

The first thing that struck me though was just how incredibly busy everyone was. As I typed that I just realised how incredibly naïve, and ignorant that made me sound. So let me re-phrase it – the pace of the office was the first thing that struck me. Everyone was either on their phones or typing away on their keyboards. What were they typing? And what were the talking about? Absolutely no idea. However, as time went on, slowly I pieced together an idea of everything that was going on around me.

It’s especially strange for me, as I’ve been brought into help 9-20 creatively.

So, while I may occasionally be seen on my phone, or frantically-typing away like the others, I am mainly writing ideas down in my notebook. And attempting to work out what exactly the letters KP and I stand for. I would hazard a guess at a new-type of crisp but I am thinking I am painfully wrong on that one – I’ll Google it once I am finished here.

There’s not really much else to say, as the projects I have been working on so far are still top-secret. Not quite Bond-levels of top-secrecy, but secret enough to produce some death-stares and devastating headshakes of disapproval if I were to reveal anything more. What I can say though, is keep your-eyes firmly glued to 9-20 in the coming weeks. We’ve some very exciting stuff planned.

Will it all come together? You’ll have to wait and see.

Now about that goldfish…


Grant Morrison, Marketing Executive, 9-20 Recruitment


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