Empowering Women in Engineering and Manufacturing - Join the Movement!

International Women In Engineering Day 2024!

Holly Clark

Caroline Strachan - Recruitment Manager – Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing

As a female recruiter who knew nothing about engineering six years ago, my journey into this fascinating industry has been nothing short of amazing. Today, I find myself knowledgeable in the nitty-gritty technical skills of engineers, the engineering biases and abbreviations, and now having a passion for innovations and Industry 4.0.

I jumped in at the deep end to broaden my knowledge, through reading job specs, speaking with candidates, and googling A LOT and always asking countless questions (sorry Karen)! I began to piece together ins and outs and understand engineering. Terms and concepts that once meant nothing to me are now a part of my daily chats. 

The engineering and manufacturing industry is a fantastic, innovative industry and I am proud to be a part of it, encompassing lots of different sectors from distilling and chemical processing to medical devices, and electronics (to name but a few!) – I have become passionate about these industries and recruiting in this market. 

To all the women considering a career in engineering (or recruiting in engineering!), do it, take the leap - it’s a leap I haven’t regretted! The engineering and manufacturing industry offers a dynamic and fulfilling career, filled with opportunities to innovate, solve complex problems, and make a difference.

My journey from knowing nothing about engineering to becoming passionate and knowledgeable about this field has been incredible. I am forever grateful for all the support on the way, the people I've met, the relationships I have built and the chance to play a part in the ongoing evolution of engineering and manufacturing.

So cheers, to all you talented Women in Engineering, you are an inspiration!


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