9-20 Recruitment on track to more than double turnover in 2015

Nine Twenty on track to more than double turnover in 2015

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9-20 Recruitment, the Glasgow-headquartered recruitment group which, with venture capital backing, was bought out by its management team in May 2013, expects to more than double sales in the current year after reporting turnover of just over £1million in the year to December 2014.


Chief Executive Gordon Brown, who staged the MBO, said “We told the media last year that we would break through the £1million turnover barrier and we have done so."


“We have very high growth ambitions and are on course to makes sales this year of £2.5million. Our aim is to double that again in both 2016 and 2017."


“Last year we also said that we would open further offices throughout the UK; we have opened an office in Southampton and will be opening a new office in Dundee next week.”


Originally focused on recruiting for the IT industry, the now 30 employee strong group operates across a range of sectors including energy, business services, sales and marketing, and supply chain.


Central to the group’s expansion, Mr. Brown believes, is its vertical company structure. “The leaders of each of our subsidiary companies are highly growth-oriented and are encouraged to run them as though they were their own businesses."


“By being innovative, flexible and capable of adapting technologies which we believe differentiates us from our competitors, we are building a scalable business model which is providing us with a winning formula that will deliver against our ambitious growth targets”, he said.



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