Workplace Culture Is Just as Important as Salary and Career Progression

Workplace Culture and Career Progression with Deborah from Turnkey

Natalie Johnston

Growing up, I always thought that having a good salary or working my way up the corporate ladder was so important. However, as I got a little older, I realised that a toxic environment in the workplace can quite quickly make that good salary or good position something of very little importance.

Having a poor work environment can not only damage morale but can stifle a company’s progression as this could lead to decreases in any real innovative ideas or collaborations. This could also lead to a company spending hundreds of thousands (or in some extreme cases, millions) in recruitment due to poor staff retention.

Here at Nine Twenty, we are very proud of the partners that we work with and think that a lot of their success is to do with not only their packages or opportunities to progress, but the fantastic cultures that have been cultivated and nurtured by everyone at the company.

Having worked side-by-side with Turnkey IPS for many years, and visiting their fantastic offices in East Kilbride, Glasgow, we felt that their stellar example of workplace culture is something to be admired.

I recently spoke with the Chief Operating Officer, Deborah Baxter, about what it is like to work at Turnkey IPS, and here is what she had to say:

Who is Turnkey IPS and what do they do?

Turnkey have been in business for 42 years and specialise in providing software solutions to the Insolvency sector both in the UK and globally.

What is your position within Turnkey IPS and what are your key responsibilities in this role?

I am the Chief Operating Officer for Turnkey, and I am responsible for driving the day-to-day operations of the business as well as setting and delivering the strategic growth plan. Our team are crucial to this plan and so a big passion of mine is ensuring we have a positive people-oriented culture, with a key focus on enabling career development and the ability for our people to thrive.

What makes Turnkey stand-out from competitors?

Turnkey’s longevity as a business has elevated our market position and demonstrated that we are a trusted, reputable family run enterprise who put their clients, technology and people are the heart of everything they do.  Our client retention is over 90% and we are lucky to have long standing client relationships for decades. 

What is the culture like at Turnkey?

We like to think it’s more than a place of work, it’s genuinely open, relaxed and informal offering a vast range of opportunities to be brilliant at what you do and be recognised for that.  We do not operate within any real formal hierarchy and encourage our people to step out of their comfort zone or move around the business if they want to diversify and upskill.  We recently asked the team what their favourite thing about working for Turnkey was and I was really proud when they almost unanimously answered “the people” as we’ve put a lot of effort into finding the right people to build the team.

What kind of people do you look for?

We look for a spark - a passion for what you do, in whatever field that is and a great sense of humour because we do have allot of fun at Turnkey. Culture and team fit is really important to us because we look after each other.

What opportunities do Turnkey and yourself see over the next 12 months? 

The opportunities at Turnkey are really exciting, we are in the throes of implementing a brand-new global SaaS platform which replaces a long legacy for us, ensuring it is the best it can be across all aspects of the technology and change management life cycle is critical for us.

What advice would you give people looking to join the Tech industry?

I think the whole tech industry has completely changed, anyone joining the industry now is so much more than a developer, tester, data analyst, UX designer, infrastructure expert etc – these roles have morphed and are less siloed than before, they’re much more collaborative. You have the chance to be vocal, help senior execs truly understand the value you bring by sharing your opinions - shout and be heard!

If you want to learn a little bit more about the amazing work that Turnkey is doing, please take a couple of minutes to watch their video.

To find out about the opportunities Turnkey are currently offering, please get in touch with Ricky by e-mailing or by calling on 07552845113.


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