Educating STEM Learning Kits

Educating STEM Learning Kits

Aaron Snood

Are you looking for some fun, educating and creative projects for your kids? If your child has shown an interest in STEM or is looking for something fun and educational to do, there are some great STEM subscription boxes available. These boxes range in size, difficulty, price and research. Whether its engineering and design, art and design, science and engineering, create and craft and many more, there are loads of topics to learn and keep you entertained.
What is STEM?
In schools and universities, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In the world of work, manufacturing is a key area of demand for STEM skills, so we use STEM as shorthand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing.
As well as the need for skills in engineering and manufacturing, STEM skills are hugely in demand as technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science and the internet of things – the world of connected devices – drive increasing automation and change in industry and society.
As a STEM recruitment agency, we see the real benefits in these boxes as they are hands-on learning that could change the next generation in STEM learning. It is reported that 43% of STEM vacancies are difficult to fill, due to shortage of candidates and required skills and experience.
The fault of this is said to lie within education, with the skills gap beginning at school level. Thankfully, over recent years the concern of the lack of STEM workers has increased, causing educational institutes to react to the issue and try to close the gap.
We believe that these STEM boxes are great for interactive learning and could help with the skills gap. They allows individuals to build confidence with hands-on learning, see concepts visually and interact to solve challenging problems that get you to really think.
Not only are these boxes fun and educational for kids, there are many STEM boxes that are suitable for all ages. Most boxes start as a beginner with the fundamentals, but if you are looking for more of a challenge, you can dive right into intermediate and advanced courses for professionals.
Below are a few companies that offer STEM subscription boxes: 
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