David Gibson - a developer, gives us some interesting insight into his first year working at Incentive Games.

An exciting first year at Incentive Games with Developer - David Gibson

Aaron Snood

Nine Twenty Recruitment caught up with David Gibson – a developer from Incentive Games, to give us some exciting insights following his first year with the company. David gives us a summary of the crucial part he plays at Incentive Games and where he expects himself to be in a few years' time!
David, what did you want to do when you graduated?
Upon graduating university, I knew that I wanted to work as a software developer, but I had no aspirations as to the industry or specific companies that I wanted to join. In fact, I had a brief stint in the banking sector before realising that I’d rather do literally anything else. It wasn’t until nine twenty called that I first heard about Incentive Games.
Tells us about your Role at Incentive Games?
I work alongside a talented team to deliver free to play games that specialise in user acquisition and retention. I am a full stack developer which means (in a nutshell) I create and maintain our games and systems. Given the number of games we sell and the number of clients we have, this leads to unbeatable experience.
So what does the career path look like at Incentive Games?
This is a tricky question. We are growing rapidly and as such there is no typical career path. For me I joined as a graduate developer and worked my way up to my current position of mid-level developer. Right now, I’m working towards my senior status and after that, who knows? Team leader… CEO… prime minister?
What is the working environment like?
The best part about working here is that everyone gets a voice. This place is exceedingly democratic and constantly pressing staff for feedback and looking to improve in all areas.
It’s also rewarding when we get all the positive client feedback that we do. We deliver and we make a positive impact, always. As such we are all bought-in and we believe in the company. I promise this isn’t a cult. We do have matching tracksuits though…

What did you learn over your first year?
I’ve been learning constantly since walking through the door. My technical skills are at an all time high. However, we don’t limit ourselves to just the tech – I’ve also learned about the psychology of our games and the users who play with us, the data analysis of our games, how to mentor others, first aid (you read that right, I went on a course) and countless other skills that are so important I forget them right now… Any Advice for graduates interested in a role with Incentive Games? Get in touch! We value attitude and personality, so don’t write yourself off for lack of experience. We want to hear from you!
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