International Women in Engineering Day 2022

International Women in Engineering Day 2022

Aaron Snood

International Women in Engineering Day will celebrate its 9th year in 2022 and continue its international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering. The aim is to focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available and celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in the industry.
According to Women's Engineering Society, as reported in March 2022, 16.5% of engineers are women.
Nine Twenty Recruitment couldn't be prouder of our female representation in engineering, as we have five amazing recruiters representing the industry. Karen Stewart, Director Engineering & Manufacturing. Danielle Scott, Associate Director Procurement & Supply Chain. Caroline Strachan, Team Leader - Engineering & Manufacturing. Rehana Sadiq, Consultant - Engineering & Manufacturing. AmyBeth LittleJohn, Consultant - Engineering & Manufacturing.
Using our, brand, platform and network, we want to show the opportunities that are available to females within the Engineering Industry. Our Director of Nine Twenty Engineering and Manufacturing, Karen Stewart has strong feelings towards this, as she herself knows the struggles women face.
Karen has spent years building a strong and diverse network of female talent and we are proud to have supported so many initiatives around gender diversity within the industry. Most recently, Karen has been part of the Gender Commission and they are close to releasing their recommendations around diversity in apprenticeships.
We asked our female recruiters in the Engineering Team, their thoughts on International Women in Engineering Day:
Karen Stewart, Director of Nine Twenty Engineering and Manufacturing:
"I love seeing businesses who are truly for diversity for the right reasons, the natural approach to diversity whilst having awareness around it creates the best cultures where all people thrive together. I am so proud to have worked with amazing female talents over the years and to continue to build on this through my work with CeeD, SmartStems and with our own initiative Insp-Hire. I know there will be some amazing female led events happening this week. We are looking to host a female led evening for women in the industry soon, so watch this space on how to book your place.
Thank you to all the wonderful females who have supported me over the years, and here is to many more wonderful years of smashing barriers together."
AmyBeth LittleJohn, Consultant:
"As I am very new to the Engineering Industry I have been very much learning along the way and feel it is important to celebrate the Women in Engineering for the future generations. In what used to be a male dominated industry, I have been pleased to see so many female engineers excelling. I have been fortunate to have been involved with Nika Oblak’s journey in Engineering, to her current role as Mechanical Integrity Lead and very much look forward to following her career.  So today in Women in Engineering I am choosing to celebrate Nika Oblak from Loch Lomond Group Distillery."
If you are looking for a new role in the Engineering Industry, please sign up here or contact us directly.


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