The STEM Industry

The STEM Industry

Leigh Kinninmont

Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing can be described as the building blocks of modern society. As we innovate and technologies advance, there is an increasing need for individuals within the STEM industry.
What are STEM roles?
A STEM role can be described as is a position an individual has in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing. A STEM role involves an individual solving problems, developing new ideas and carrying out research. These roles can be highly sought after by hiring companies, as candidates are harder to come by. STEM is important as it teaches critical thinking skills and installs a passion for innovation.
Recent Research of STEM
It is reported that 43% of STEM vacancies are difficult to fill, due to shortage of candidates and required skills and experience. The fault of this is said to lie within education, with the skills gap beginning at school level. Thankfully, over recent years the concern of the lack of STEM workers has increased, causing educational institutes to react to the issue and try to close the gap.
Last year, it was reported by UCAS that more young people are taking up STEM related subjects at university than ever before. It was gathered that there was almost a 50% increase of acceptances into computer science courses and an increase of 21% of acceptances to engineering courses. 
With things looking up for the STEM industry, it is said that by 2023 science, research, engineering and technology jobs are expected account for 7.8% of all jobs in the UK, roughly 2.5m jobs overall.
Looking for a role in STEM?
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