Benefits of Using A Recruitment Agency

Benefits of Using Our Recruitment Agency

Leigh Kinninmont

Nine Twenty Recruitment is a specialist recruitment consultancy in Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM). We are leaders of Technology & Digital, IT and Engineering & Manufacturing recruitment. A team with vast experience, an impressive track record and an abundance of personality.
Whether you are looking for the best person for your team or the best opportunity for your career, we are here to help. We are bursting with enthusiasm, experience, commitment and strive on establishing strong stakeholder and candidate relationships. We operate in a fast-moving, dynamic and flexible manner, to enable clients and candidates to fill sought after positions efficiently. We understand the challenges in applying a successful resourcing strategy to your business.
There are many reasons as to why we can find the best candidates for your team. A few are listed below:
Benefit 1
The ability to identify talent
  • By using Nine Twenty Recruitment, you are allowing a broad range of candidates to be attracted. We can help you find and attract talent quicker than in-house recruitment. We do this due to our contacts and connections within multiple industry sectors, a better approach to recruitment and all the materials needed to find the ideal candidate.
  • Our recruiters can easily search their current talent pool for candidates that suit a specific role and are able to create job adverts easily that candidates will search for.
  • With the growing use of job boards, career sites, LinkedIn and social media, we have access to a number of platforms that our recruiters can use to source potential candidates. As well as our website where candidates can sign up for updates.

Benefit 2
Recruiters save you time
  • We can help you save time hiring candidates. With the amount of important steps that go into recruitment, we can save you time by carrying out all of these steps. This includes creating a job advert, going through all of the applications and CVs to narrow down potential candidates and setting up interviews.
  • You can reduce your time and resources that would be spent using in-house recruitment. This is a benefit, as it can lead to a quicker turnaround in filling positions in the business.
Benefit 3
Advertising the role
  • Employers can often write a job advert in a way that can come across as confusing to job seekers, this could then lead to applicants applying that don’t quite match the role.
  • We are able to create effective job adverts easily, as they know what to include to get any potential candidates' attention.

Benefit 4
Market Knowledge
  • In situations where a business has specific strict requirements of the ideal candidate, this can be difficult to search for. This is where our recruiters’ industry expertise and market knowledge are key. Nine Twenty Recruitment know all the appropriate and relevant requirements and/or legalities surrounding the sector they operate in.
  • Having established a relationship with us, moving forward with hiring will be much easier as the we are aware of what qualities candidates need to fit in.
  • Not only this, our recruiters are specialists in Technology and Digital and Engineering and Manufacturing, and can give you insight into market trends.
We work closely with you to do the following:
  • Assess your current operations to align with your current skill sets, team dynamics and potential skill gaps.
  • Evaluate current recruitment processes and then create a resource strategy that grows with your business.
  • Create your recruitment brand to expand your reach and put you on the map as an employer of choice.
  • Learn about your business. We're here to help you make those tough choices that recruiting new employees can often bring.
  • Understand and engage with your vision, values and mission to create an employer brand that perfectly positions your company and resourcing strategy.
These are few of the many benefits we can bring to you. To find out more about Nine Twenty Recruitment stay up to date with us on LinkedIn, or for any other enquiries please email


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