Meet the Team - Digital Candidate Manager, Sam Barker

Meet the Team - Digital Candidate Manager, Sam Barker

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1. Can you tell us a little about your background before you joined the team at Nine Twenty?
I graduated from The University of the West of Scotland with a 2:1 Honours degree in business in 2020. Graduating into a pandemic was challenging, so I took a job working at an Amazon fulfilment centre. While this was not a job that I wanted to make a career from, I knew that I had to work hard if I wanted to prove myself. I wanted a career in recruitment, so I was proactive in approaching companies for a graduate position. I was over the moon when Nine Twenty Recruitment offered me a place here. I’m learning from a great team and I am confident that I’ve found somewhere that I can build my career. 
2. What attracted you to working with our team?
Once I knew that I wanted to build a career in recruitment, it was important for me to find a company culture that I could fit into. At the interview, I was able to tell that myself and Nine Twenty Recruitment were a great match. I love the relationship-focused approach to recruitment that Nine Twenty Recruitment has. They definitely go far beyond the majority of recruiters. In the time since I have started here, this feeling has been reinforced. As well as this, I feel that I will have the support of the full team to become the best that I can possibly be.
3. What does your role in the business involve?
As Digital Candidate Manager, I work closely with Brian who is Head of Digital and Ecommerce within the Technology and Digital team at Nine Twenty. In my role, I onboard new jobs from Brian and absorb as much information as possible, so I completely understand the position(s) I will be recruiting for. After this, I will advertise the jobs across various platforms to attract suitable applicants. At the same time, I will approach individuals who I think may be suitable for these roles with the aim to make placements in this way too. I am responsible for assessing applications and interviewing potential candidates.
4. What is your focus over the next 6 months?
My aim for the next six months is to continue to learn and make progress. I’m an ambitious and driven individual, so the more I can learn, the better I’ll be at my job in the long run. The team around me have given me confidence that I can do very well in my career going forward. I have settled in really well and learned so much. I have been mentored closely by Brian, Head of Digital and Ecommerce, I’m extremely grateful for his, and the whole team’s support. I’m looking forward to many years of success ahead of me with everyone at Nine Twenty Recruitment.
5. Tell us more about who you are out of work?
I have a large but close group of friends who I socialise with as much as possible. I am a massive Formula 1 fan, so I will take any opportunity to share my passion with anyone that I can get to listen. I’m also a competitive gamer and love movies.
If you are interested in getting in touch with Sam regarding your industry experience, he would love to hear from you.
Sam Barker

Digital Candidate Manager



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