Working from Home: Tips & Tricks by Nine Twenty

Working from Home: Tips & Tricks by Nine Twenty

Maria McCulloch

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Nine Twenty made a decision to adapt working conditions to a remote working environment and has implemented a work from anywhere policy for all employees.

Below are some tips and tricks which might assist those engaged in a ‘working-from home’ environment to ensure that both they and their colleagues can retain their effectiveness.  


Create a Workspace 

Always create a separate work area within your own living space. Create a divided space away from your main living surroundings with a work desk and a comfortable chair. Working from your sofa or bed is a bad idea. A distinct division promotes a clear disconnect between working time and personal time. Not doing so can be confusing and might result in disturbed sleep patterns.


Intervals/ Breaks 

Have coffee and tea breaks every few hours just as you would if you were in the office. By taking your mind off your workload every so often you will retain your effectiveness.

Taking a short walk over the lunch period brings you a breath of fresh air, a change of environment and a little exercise. 


Get Dressed 

Although the idea of working from home in comfortable clothes sounds appealing, it may have a negative impact on your effectiveness. It is crucial to get up and get dressed as you would on any normal working day.

And though your workplace may not be the most formal, the fact that you are ready and presentable lets you click in right away to your work mindset.

With the correct attire comes professionalism. For video calls with customers, clients and colleagues, there should always be an appropriate degree of professionalism; you do not know what lies ahead of you each day, or when that critical, surprise video call may come in. 


Limit Distractions 

Pets, TVs, family, kitchens; all of these can be a distraction during working hours and it is essential that they are minimised.  

It is important you are able to put a physical and mental barrier between what is a priority and what is not. Preserve your train of thought; losing it can disturb concentration and affect productivity.  


Open a Window 

Often the warmth of your own space can make you tired and demotivated. This can affect your productivity. Open a window and allow fresh air to enter. Fresh air allows the mind to be sharpened and the body to receive more energy for you to continue with your work.  

Having more oxygen in your body results in better functioning of the brain and improves concentration. 



While background music tends to be distracting, some people find it does not impair their effectiveness to have some background noise. It might lift your mood and encourage you to get your head down, especially when you are constantly working alone. 


Check in with your team 

While working remotely means you will be working on your own, you should also be able to reach out to your team throughout the day for support and motivation. Easy ways to connect with your colleagues include texts, emailing, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, all of which keep you connected while raising the spirits to drive your desk forward. 

Keeping in contact with your team also means you can see how well they are doing and whether there is an opportunity to help out. If you are struggling in any way, reach out. Everyone is here for one another. You might also have a confidential chat with your manager to speak about anything on your mind. Good mental health is a priority. 


Coffee Shop

As long as your surrounding does not affect your workload or concentration, working from a coffee shop is a viable option. Sensibly approached, working from anywhere is a liberating experience which permits you to break up your week and often quiet surroundings, with some busy atmosphere. Often, this change from familiarity is exactly what is needed for you to regain your motivation.


Work from anywhere

Since our working from home decision was implemented, it has provided colleagues with much more flexibility.


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