Gender Equality

Nine Twenty Believe in Gender Equality

Maria McCulloch

Nine Twenty believe in equality. We would like to reflect on International Women’s Day, and in light of this we are empowering each and every person to be encouraging and as positive to one another as possible.

Nine Twenty is proud to be a diverse and welcoming business that treats all employees with 100% equality. Recruitment at times can be a hard industry due to its fast-paced environment, although at Nine Twenty we are encouraged to unite together to deliver positive outcomes. Within Nine Twenty our employees highlight a very diverse structure, this is due to all the different roles and statuses within the business. Although from this it highlights equality throughout and that everyone is seen as equal, regardless of age, gender, and status. Nine Twenty is proud of the diverse range of candidates and clients which we cater for, giving everyone a fair opportunity through the act of equality. 

Nine Twenty are excited to be leading the next generation to take the step into whichever path they are inspired by. It is our duty to show that GENDER DOES NOT MATTER within the industry and more importantly within life. 

So, let's as a community highlight to our next generation the amazing industries which were once never spoken about or even an option for specific genders. Let’s speak more about gender diversity within Coding, Developing, and Manufacturing. All these sectors are for everyone, and should be and WILL be in the future fully gender diverse.

As a recruitment company, we have a responsibility to ensure the future workforce are strong, independent and empowering regardless of who they are. This is where Insp-Hire was introduced by founders Karen Stewart and Gordon Brown. This event was created to inspire our generation and future generations about jobs within different industries and technical markets, which are out there that need to be shouted about! This is where the future is leading into and it is essential to empower everyone into these markets.

Nine Twenty Engineering & Manufacturing and Nine Twenty Technology are both currently motivated and driven teams, and we are proud that we are dominating both sectors across the board. 

Join Nine Twenty in the movement of empowering all genders by registering on our site and staying up to date with vacancies and Blogs within the industry. 


“Careers have no Gender”


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