National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week with Nine Twenty

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Nine Twenty are passionate about developing our workforce of the future and are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week along with many other businesses.

We currently have 3 apprentices in our business covering Digital Marketing and Digital applications across the Technology and Engineering sector - so here is a chance to find out more about them……


Kieran – Tell us more about you and what you do here 

I never knew what I wanted to do after school. I half-heartedly applied for college and universities knowing that it just wasn’t the right fit for me. An apprenticeship was never a thought of mine, I just always knew I wanted a career where I could show my potential, progress and earn a living. I began searching for opportunities when I came across QA apprenticeships, giving me the opportunity to work and earn a living but also gaining a recognised qualification. After doing my research, I came to the conclusion that this was the best chance for me to excel and kick start my career. I got in contact with the team at QA and within a week I gained an apprenticeship within Digital Applications.

From November 2019, I have been working in Nine Twenty a boutique recruitment agency based in Glasgow. As a Candidate Manager, my role is to assist the consultants in resourcing candidates who match the criteria of their roles. This role requires me to be very adaptable, learning roles in order to collate the correct calibre of candidates. Throughout this apprenticeship, I am gaining valuable skills within applications, knowledge within the industry and developing my people skills. I would 100% recommend a QA apprenticeship if you are a driven, hardworking and eager to learn individual who wants to go into the world of work.


Harvey – Tell us more about you and what you do here

I’ve been carrying out my Apprenticeship for 7 months within Nine Twenty recruitment. I knew an Apprenticeship was the route for me as it allowed me to gain experience within a sector to find the right route for me. My course focuses on Digital Applications. I work within the Technology team as a Candidate Manager. I resource candidates and work with them throughout the recruitment process and helping them to secure roles. I support the team and work my own roles.

I am really enjoying recruitment and especially the technology side. My Apprenticeship has allowed me to learn new skills daily and opened my eyes up to see some of the amazing aspects within recruitment. My apprenticeship has allowed me to gain confidence and skills within the sector, to allow me to carry out my role to the best of my ability. 


Maria - Tell us more about you and what you do here

When I was leaving school and had no idea of the route that I wanted to go down, I applied for universities although was not 100% committed. I then looked at jobs as an alternative route although an apprenticeship was never in my mindset. During my search for a job I came upon QA apprenticeships, this was offering me a full-time job while simultaneously learning and gaining skills and qualifications. After a further look, I realised that this was a great direction for me to go down. I applied for a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship as I knew this was a creative role and would be an area for me to showcase my creative side. After interviews, I was then assigned for the company which would best suit my personality, ability, and goals.

I am now currently working in Nine Twenty which is a Recruitment agency based in Glasgow. My role involves Marketing & Business Support for the company. I create content for social media/websites and assist my employees in the support side of recruitment. My role within Nine Twenty pushes me to the best of my ability and into the sector I had never discovered. My apprenticeship has allowed me to gain skills within marketing, content, SEO, etc. All of which will be life skills and allows me to find the route which is for me. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is curious about their future due to the support and skills it has offered me.

If you are interested in gaining an apprenticeship then get in touch with QA apprenticeships HERE!


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