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Many Happy Returns - Nine Twenty Turns 15 Years Old!

Nicola Paul

Here at Nine Twenty we’re very proud to be hitting a big birthday this summer, and this year we turn 15! As our founder Gordon reflects upon the business journey, the highs and lows (and the extra grey hairs!), he shares 15 learnings and predictions for the industry.


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1. Take the time to meet your candidates and clients. Even after 15 years with Nine Twenty and almost 20 years in the industry, it’s the most important aspect of representing, selecting and delivering a recruitment solution.


2. Always be honest and challenge your client’s requirements. If you can’t find the right candidates for the role – don’t be afraid to reject the wrong candidates.


3. In my view, KPIs don’t work. If you KPI your employees, they are not motivated. Instead seek to promote engagement with your client and candidates, and showcase a passion for your industry, and the so-called KPIs look after themselves.


4. Trust your staff. We have all hired people that don’t work out or potentially might be a bad egg, however, don’t let that lead to mistrust for others.


5. Empower your people and let them make mistakes, it’s how they learn. It's also how they react that will tell you more about who they are.


6. Share opportunities and promote from within – it’s the future safeguard of your business.


7. If you’re at a house party or in a social situation, be proud to be a recruiter – there are more good ones than bad!


8. Always write proper advertisements. Not every opportunity is excellent and fantastic, and well-written ads get more relevant candidates.


9. Go to events and learn about your sector, read articles and give back to your industry – it’s not a one-way street.


10. If you choose to use terms and conditions as a threat or a railroad for money, then there is no value to your service.


11. Spend time with your family and friends, and enable your team to do the same – it’s just a job.


12. No one owns a candidate. It’s our duty as recruiters to always present professionally.


13. Embrace new technology and techniques. The market is constantly evolving and moving forward, and we need to move with it.


14. Learn from your mistakes and don't listen to any negativity on the market. There are always two sides to every story.


15. If your competitors continue to head hunt your staff, then take it as a compliment that you have a great team. But ensure you are looking after them well.


As part of our 15th birthday celebrations, we will also be launching an exclusive event, Insp-Hire, to give back to the future of the industry. Look out for more updates coming soon! 



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