An Interview with Neil Bruce, Head of Online Business at Toolstop

An Interview with Neil Bruce, Head of Online Business at Toolstop

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Nine Twenty Technology recruiter Rachael Baxter caught up with her client, Neil Bruce from Toolstop, to get the low down on their growth plans for 2017, particularly within their Digital department.


Neil, can you give us an introduction to Toolstop?

Up until 2007 the company supplied the local trade with their tools. In 2007 when the Toolstop website launched, we became more of a global player in the supply of professional tools. Much of our business now goes overseas and in 2010 we launched a wholesale division supplying to tool dealers throughout the UK and beyond. Toolstop have grown from a £5m turnover operation 10 years ago to well over £40m in 2016 through offering quality products, great service and excellent value for money.


What about your job role at Toolstop?

My role as Head of the Online Business is to ensure all online sales channels are functioning and that we are maximising the revenue from each stream whilst working within marketing budgets. I also line manage the Content Managers, Graphic Designers, Digital Marketers and Systems Admins who all contribute towards a professional shopfront. Another part of my role is to manage all the agencies and suppliers who contribute to our online activities.


We recently placed William, your new Digital Marketing Manager, what has he been brought on board to action?

William, as Digital Marketing Manager, is responsible for all SEO, SEM, paid search and digital marketing. He has a wide ranging role which includes being strong in a number of disciplines including social networking, email marketing, affiliate management and more. Toolstop is re-platforming to a new Magento 2 website this year and William will be key to ensuring we transition without any hitches and in addition, William will help with training the staff on the new platform too.


What are the future plans for Toolstop’s digital strategy?

Once the new Toolstop website is live and functioning, we will introduce a new B2B site which will be used by our wholesale customers. This will give them their own special pricing, special products and allow them to check out with a PO number. We will also be continuing to brainstorm ideas and identify best practices to bring new features to life on the website.


What about plans for growth in 2017?

Once the Toolstop site is launched and functioning properly, we will look to build a second e-commerce website which will sell a completely diverse style of product from what Toolstop currently does. We envisage some issues in the online retail space for professional tools in the next year or so and want to ensure we continue to grow despite difficult market pressures and political decisions beyond our control.


What makes Toolstop a great place to work?

Toolstop is a family business with real family values at its heart. Many of the Toolstop employees have a relation in the business and this applies across everyone from the MD and senior management to entry level employees.  Employees know they will be rewarded as long as the company meets its objectives and Toolstop knows that if there are happy employees, being paid well for what they do then we will continue to be successful.


If you are interested in a role with Toolstop, contact Rachael Baxter today and Nine Twenty can put you in touch with Neil and his team.

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