Your Health Matters- Part 2

Your Health Matters to Nine Twenty Recruitment Part 2

Emma HartGlasgow, Technology

We caught up with our fantastic new client, Your Health Matters, for a Q+A session that gave us a deeper insight into the type of business they are. We are delighted to be working with a client like, Your Health Matters, whose enthusiasm makes us confident that the company is going to succeed in everything they set out to do.

Your Health Matters is a unique social enterprise start-up who have created a platform which gathers information from local authorities making it easier to advertise well being/health support classes within your local community.






1. Describe the culture of your business

Well, I’d like to say “deeply professional; organised and calm at all times” but that would belie the times we dash up the motorway at the sniff of a sale, or confidently promise a solution before going into a fevered huddle to think how to achieve it. So it’d be more accurate to say “entrepreneurial”.

We are building something new, which our customers and audiences have not engaged with before and which changes for the better with every day that passes. We have a heavyweight team behind us in terms of corporate governance, funding and consultancy – which is unusual in an early stage company, and we all work together make things happen. That creates a lot of energy, buzz and variety.


2. What could a candidate expect from this role?

Our ambitions are pretty humungous and those joining YHM early in its evolution are well placed to benefit from growth which could come very rapidly. Someone who wants to stay in a developer role can therefore be accommodated, but so could someone who wants to build a team and continue to innovate and consult at the cutting edge of community comms interaction.  Your ideas will be listened to – indeed they are essential, so if you are a willing contributor, you can expect respect from colleagues. The pay is not bad either.


3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Within 5 years we will become the next ‘Big’ social media platform; the Go-To place for people to source local information.

The potential is massive, however we are starting this journey by focusing on service providers/support groups within health, wellbeing and social care.


4. What makes Your Health Matters different to other start-ups?

The fact that we have a wealthy social entrepreneur as our funder is our trump card, especially since our potential client base is in his specialist field; Our CEO has the passion which comes from direct, personal experience in the need for this information; our Chairman has sat on the boards of many of Scotland’s leading companies and our comms director is frankly the best (but then, I have to say that as I’m writing this). Like most start-ups, we offer new colleagues an open goal in what is possible for them to achieve and we also have impressive creds and money behind us that most start-ups would kill for.


This blog was written by Marjorie Calder, Marketing and Communications Director at Your Health Matters.



Your Health Matters have an incredible role on offer for a talented Front End Developer to work as part of their Agile Development team. You can find full details of the role here:

Front End Developer

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then do not hesitate to contact our Senior Recruiter Rachael Baxter on or call the office on 0141 231 1260.


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