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Your Health Matters to Nine Twenty-Part 1

Emma HartGlasgow, Technology

Nine Twenty have been lucky enough to work with Your Health Matters, a really unique social enterprise with a great new opportunity. Marjorie Calder, ‘Marketing and Communications Director’ has written a detailed blog highlighting the company’s distinctive background who they are searching for...



And now for something a little different…

Being a cog in a wheel suits some developers. Don’t knock it; anonymity and regular hours are not to be sniffed at.

But we have a start up with a multimillionaire social entrepreneur backer and an exhausting CEO who thinks several steps ahead of rational people to come up with stuff which miraculously works (at least a significant part of the time).

What we don’t have (yet) is a smart developer who wants to drive the design and process of a brand new community information sharing system. We’re ALMOST there with the design of the site but want to bring it home from the original build-agency and refine the product in-house for launch in early 2017.

We also want to find someone who can roll with a rapidly changing launch landscape and who goes home at night smug that he’s found a way; to build a solution; to keep a client happy; to move the system onto a higher level; and to warrant a seat at a small table of founding employees dedicated to turning a rather lofty vision into reality.

Much of the grunt work is done and the basic system is built but it won’t sing without tuning and it won’t achieve the boom to shatter glass without the technical creativity of someone who gets excited by the prospect of building a business, not just an operating system. 

You can have your own office in our global headquarters in Govan. And we’re up for paying the full rate for a bright developer so we don’t want someone on the cheap. We want the RIGHT person.

Your team includes that visionary CEO; the founder of one of the UK’s most successful service companies, a former director of Scotland’s largest marcomms agency and a Professor who has sat on many of the most significant boards in Scotland. There will also shortly be a very bright graduate joining us in a support role – but that’s it, so far.

We’ve been going a year and have moved mountains. We’re just about to seal our first group of clients and need a developer to identify and respond to their needs. It ain’t mainstream but if you want to really feel you can achieve something and grow with the product, we want to meet you.         

Is Your Health Matter a company you would be interested in working for? We have a fantastic vacancy for Senior Developer so if you think you have the skills, head over to the link below and apply!

If you’d like any more information about the role or the company itself, do not hesitate to contact Chris Lowden, our Client Engagement Manager on the details below:


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