The Digital Garage with Google- Part 1

The Digital Garage with Google- Part 1

Alice Mitchellevents, Glasgow

The Digital Garage with Google- Part 1

We have used earlier blogs to highlight the digital skills shortage in Scotland so when we heard that Google were hosting their Digital Garage workshops and seminars in Glasgow throughout October, we couldn’t wait to head along and see what we could learn about in the world of digital marketing.



Nine Twenty were lucky enough to go along to the Mitchell Library who is currently hosting the Google #Digitalgarage. As soon as we turned up it was immediately clear we were at a Google event, quirky signage and props and very enthusiastic staff. It was like stepping into our own mini Silicon Valley, based in heart of Glasgow. We focused on two seminars, learning how to reach new customers online and how to tell your brand story. Here is a little summary of what we learned:


Google Trends & the Importance of Insightful Data


Keywords like ‘Trends,’ ‘analytics’ and ‘impressions’ can seem intimidating when you don’t exactly know what they are or what they do. However, after listening to the google experts, we learned that with a little research, these are all just key aspects in being able to directly speak to your target market and then report on engagement levels in order to continually improve your online presence.

Google trends is the perfect tool to gather general insights that could help you learn about your market and certain seasonal trends that could inevitably shape your social media content.

Unfortunately, some companies are missing this opportunity and in recruitment especially, we believe it is so important to know these insights for your communication. Just think, if you don’t know the most popular day or month of the year people are job searching, are you missing out on a whole bunch of potential candidates at a time when you should be communicating the most?



Why reviews matter…


Google have proposed a new stage in the consumer journey called the ‘zero moment of truth.’ Consumers are now using the internet to consult with others and research their choices before acting taking the final step and selecting the product or service. So how does this apply to recruitment? Well candidates trust candidates, and clients trust other clients; your company needs to be well perceived in the market place and engagement through digital marketing can help you achieve this. Traditional word of mouth has now been replaced with online information sharing and reviews on channels such as Google or Facebook are where candidates will now look to find out about your company reputation. Making sure those candidates are contacted regularly can now be the difference between a 5* review and a negative response so you need to give your candidates and clients the best experience possible in order to maintain a positive online footprint.



Content is King (and Queen)


By now every knows that businesses needs to be going the extra mile by producing engaging content and recruitment companies are no exception.

 At Nine Twenty, we like to keep up to date with industry trends, go to relevant networking events and make sure we’re speaking to our clients and candidates about this in order to retain our position are thought leaders within our industry. Personally, I think recruitment is one of the most important sectors to stay ahead of your competitors as most of the time you’re all singing the same song and creating original content is an easy way to set your company apart from competitors.  

What if you took 20 minutes out of your day to look up industry trends to comment and blog about or research specific social media platforms that you know your candidates will be browsing on? I guarantee it will become the unique selling point of your business and your google ranking will improve indefinitely. The better your rating, the more likely clients and candidates can find you online.


So What Next?


In the past, recruitment has often had the perception of being a bit old school in terms of Marketing and digital engagement. As a company, Nine Twenty have addressed this and are investing in our internal marketing to support shift into digital recruitment services. We are pleased to now be able to offer our clients a number of digital services including advertising only packages where we create your content, online blogging and paid social media advertising to name a few.

We understand the digital world is constantly changing so whether you’re a small start-up business or an experienced company with your own digital marketing department, progressive learning within so important to stay in the loop and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So, get out there, know where your candidates and clients are searching and target them whenever possible and if you need help sourcing candidates with a digital focus then contact us and let us help!

Alice Mitchell

Marketing Coordinator 




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