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Is your recruitment partner still learning what PPC is??

Emma Hartdigital, Glasgow, Technology

…well that’s worrying...

If your recruitment partner is only now just finding out what the three letters stand for, then you are working with the wrong people. Simple as that.

I’ve been recruiting in the Digital sector for years now, and it still amazes me how many recruiters in the sector still don’t fully understand what SEO actually is; let alone its significance to many an organisation. Heaven forbid you ask them about PPC - Although I am positive there will be loads booking their tickets now, for some sort of intoxicating event coming-up that will ‘teach’ them all about it.

Many of you will no doubt have seen the unfortunate LinkedIn post that went viral this week after someone advertised for a ‘Paperclick’ Specialist instead of PPC.  Maybe it was a ‘typo,’ maybe it was a complete lack of knowledge…either way it is terrifying. Yes people make mistakes but if recruiters have no idea what we are even recruiting for, how will we ever find our clients what they are looking for?! Sadly this type of behaviour further damages the ever perilous image of a recruiter and unfortunately tars us all with the same dirty brush that not everyone deserves.

So ask yourself this:


*Is it too much to expect your recruiter to know their sector?*

*Is it too much to expect your recruiter to fully understand their candidates?*


The answers to those question should quite simply be no.


At Nine Twenty we consider ourselves experts in our chosen sectors. So if you are struggling with a recruitment partner who is still getting to grips with the basics, then don’t hesitate to get in touch*. We don’t claim to know everything every time but we do actively make the effort to ensure all our clients are matched up with the most experienced consultant we have within their dedicated area.


Ainsley Millar, Digital Consultant, Nine Twenty

*You can contact Ainsley direct on or contact our Glasgow office on 0141 231 1260


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