Vaping – catering for all tastes…

Nine Twenty - Vaping – catering for all tastes…

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If you’re a non-smoker, then you’ll be aware that more and more people are going around with these e-cigarette things that they ‘vape’ away on, enjoying the fact they still get the nicotine they associate with tobacco cigarettes but relatively few of the really nasty things that  traditional smokers draw in with the smoke. In fact, as Public Health England’s 2015 report decisively states, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than ‘normal’ smoking.


Now as a non-smoker myself, when I was introduced to vaping by a new client (of which more below and in the next blog), I have to admit I didn’t really know much about it.  However, it transpires that, just as there has been a huge range of traditional cigarettes, ranging from the infamous Capstan Full Strength to Silk Cut and many others, including the well-known Woodbines and Craven A with its notorious advertisement “Will not affect your throat”, so there is far more to e-cigarettes than meets the eye.


For a start, different smokers have different needs – no two smokers are exactly the same and to commit to a switch, individual habits require individually ‘fitted’ e-cigarette set ups.


JAC Vapour helped explain this to me, and more, when I met them one afternoon.


The science, and there is a science as these are electronic goods, behind the devices is very clever. Getting your set up right from the beginning is important, the choice and combination of battery, tank and flavour and strength of nicotine liquid is key – if you get all 3 correct, then it is relatively easy to never pick up your packet of smokes again.


JAC Vapour help people choose their perfect set up via their easy to use website or in one of their two high street shops, in Edinburgh and one in Leeds. They encourage new users, or people switching from another brand of e-cigarette, to speak to their help desk or the staff in their shops to ensure that they help them with a bespoke selection.


Getting a nicotine hit is important as e-cigarettes provide the ‘hit’ that smokers crave.  However, you can actually wean yourself off the nicotine and some vapers work their way down to using zero mg nicotine.  The flavour is important, because unlike ordinary ‘fags’, e-cigarettes can come in almost any flavour you want.  You can even get ‘ordinary cigarette flavour’, should you want it, but not many do once their sense of smell returns!  Vanilla, passion-fruit and virtually any taste under the sun can be yours.


JAC Vapour place an emphasis on selling quality products, with full safety certification for their hardware and liquids. This is one way in which companies like JAC Vapour differentiate themselves from the solid mass of e-cigarettes. And another way, of course, is by having the best marketing and e-commerce business in the sector.  And the job of providing that marketing service is the subject of my next, and final, blog.


Stuart McRobbie, Director, Nine Twenty Sales and Marketing



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