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Nine Twenty Recruitment Employee Spotlight

Grant Morrison

This is a bit of an experimental blog. It’s that experimental I am not even sure we could classify it as a blog, but as we currently don’t have a ‘random-thing’ button on the site it will live here for now.

Before diving straight in, I should probably set the scene. In the weeks prior to the launch of the new Nine Twenty website, we asked staff to fill out a questionnaire in order to help write the bios you see here on this very site. Thankfully I did not write it, as it would have turned out to be several pages long and filled to the brim with frivolous questions like ‘Does it sometimes take you a minute to realise The Shortlist isn’t a Big Issue?’ and ‘Do you ever think we’ll get a wage for going the self-service route at supermarkets?’. No, the questionnaire was written by my colleague Emma and contained important stuff like – ‘What’s your name?’ and ‘What is it you do?’ Along with some fun questions like ‘Where would you be if you hadn’t ended up in recruitment’, and ‘What three words would you use to describe yourself.’ Rather than just let these questions and answers disappear forever, we thought we could make some use of them and create an employee spotlight of sorts.

So let us kick things off with the author of the questionnaire then – Emma Sherlock.

I could have went with anybody, but Emma sits beside me, and I am writing this quite late in the afternoon and don’t wish to move around too much in-case I need to query Emma’s answers [What a tremendous name for an advice column – Emma’s Answers. Keep your eyes peeled for that in the coming weeks] There’s that, and if I reveal Emma’s ‘Most Embarrassing Moment’ I can just say rather nonchalantly – ‘Well you wrote the questionnaire…’

Okay, let’s get started.


Emma Sherlock


Job Title

Marketing & Communications Manager


When did you join Nine Twenty?

October 2014


What are you responsible for?

 Historically, experienced in managing projects, compliance, procedures, processes and communications for small and large recruitment campaigns. I have experience in coordinating key client accounts and the communications and relationship management that come with that. I also have experience in running assessment centres, volume advertising campaigns and have experience in generalist HR.


And if you were to sum that up in a sentence?

Basically I am involved in anything marketing related to Nine Twenty. So if we need to write a press release I’ll do that. If we need to write a Nine Twenty tweet, I’ll do that. If we need a Nine Twenty pencil sharpener, I’ll do that as well.


Thanks for that.


Describe yourself in three words - Very well organised.

Most embarrassing moment --[Redacted]--

Favourite holiday spot - Italy

Favourite drink - Peroni

Favourite dinner - Fillet steak and chips.


There’s more question and answers, but let’s leave it there for now. Emma is asking me to looking into Nine Twenty pencil sharpeners or something like that. Until next time – Maybe. Probably. Maybe.


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