Exam Results Day. What's Next?

Exam Results Day. What's Next?

Aaron Snood

With Exam Results being released today across Scotland, Nine Twenty Recruitment would like to wish everyone good luck expecting results!
We understand that this can be a nerve-racking time for anyone. With many of our team having went through the same experience across the years.
We want to showcase the opportunities available to you, should you decide to look at different options when leaving school. There are many job opportunities and apprenticeships for school leavers.
Ricky, our Account Manager for Technology and Digital, shared his story after he left high school, showing that things don't always go to plan and that's ok!
I left school after 6th year with a view of completing a fitness qualification at college, then moving into Physiotherapy or Sports Science at University. I achieved my HND at college but after my son was born, I felt that university was no longer an option. I decided to start working full time with Disclosure Scotland and after 6/7 years of admin-based roles, I went into recruitment and haven’t looked back!
Initially, I felt that I had failed at life because at school and college, all I wanted to do was a profession relating to fitness. I felt that without a university qualification, I would be overlooked at jobs I wanted, and that people would view me as less than intelligent. However, looking back, I have no regrets at all and have a great job which I love. It is definitely not an easy route to take, but one that has taught me a lot more values and matured me more than university could.

Karen, our Managing Director for Engineering and Manufacturing, also shared her story about what she done after leaving high school.
I rebelled in high school; I found a part time job which I loved. I was a grafter that’s for sure and got a taste for money. My mum was devastated that I was leaving with no Highers, but my mind was made up. For a few years I worked in bars, shops, clubs, and restaurants. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to do retail management but was persuaded to do Business Administration as it would give me more options. I enjoyed it for the most part but after the HNC, I was ready to start full time work again. 
I started as an Administrator in a small company. I realised that I was relied upon, so I applied myself and made sure I was reliable. I came up with new ideas and through time was promoted until I was running the business. I used to feel embarrassed but looking back, I realise how much I learned that allowed me to get future opportunities. I was able to secure a job in a recruitment agency through a graduate scheme, even though I wasn’t a graduate! Anyway, the rest is history! I now own my own business, sit on two boards, a valued member of the manufacturing community and a trusted advisor to many. 
Below we have a few links to apprenticeship opportunities around Scotland in our specialist areas, Technology and Digital and Engineering and Manufacturing. Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with any opportunities we have, that may suit you in the future.
Administration and Business Management Apprenticeships around Scotland, visit here.
Engineering Apprenticeships around Scotland can be found here.
Manufacturing and Production Apprenticeships can be found here.
Print and Publishing, Marketing and Advertising Apprenticeships can be found here.


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