6 Month Review with Gordon Brown, Founder & CEO

6 Month Review with Gordon Brown, Founder & CEO

Aaron Snood

As the dust settles on Q2 and we review our half-year results, I ask myself what I have learned at Nine Twenty Recruitment and what is in store for us in the second half of the year? 
There is continued debate on blended working and flexible employee approaches as companies continue to review benefits and salary structures, a development I find promising. 
Overall, the economic and social outlook is far from encouraging, with continuing atrocities in Ukraine, inflation, a cost-of-living crisis and an unsavoury political climate.  

Nevertheless, I remain excited by, and proud of, the fantastic work and continued development under way at Nine Twenty Recruitment.  
As a specialist recruiter within STEM related verticals it is impossible to stand still. This means we continue to engage with ground-breaking organisations passionate about recruiting innovative talent.

The pandemic has catalysed an unprecedented flow of investment into genomic sequencing and Covid variant tracking as well as in the development of new drugs and greater protection against new variants.

We have also witnessed substantial financial backing for improved processes amongst many of our FMCG clients, and from EU supply chain system funding to production and investment in robotics to enhance efficiencies and sustain growth.

This robust approach to future opportunities lifts the spirits and makes us stronger in face of continual skills shortages across the market. 
We, too, have been resilient and have taken an innovative approach to providing unique service-based outsource solutions. In doing so we have been steadily moving away from a traditional transactional recruitment model and have collaborated effectively with key customers including William Grants, Chivas, Incentive Games, Tag Digital, and DataVita.
Becoming closer to our customers and creating partnership solutions allows us to overcome some of the challenges we face when finding, engaging, and retaining first-class talent.
I believe the model we are following will continue to grow and begin to replace that of traditional transactional supplier engagement.  I have always been proud of Nine Twenty Recruitment’s inherent self-assurance when it comes to trying new things.
Throughout Covid and still today, we have seen an exceptionally low turnover of staff and are now seeing more organic growth from recommendations. I am proud of our team and really encouraged about the next six months. 

Nine Twenty Recruitment has continued to progress into new areas with the launch of Nine Twenty International and our Edinburgh office. In addition, we will soon be introducing a civil engineering recruitment arm to the business as we get ever closer to our ambition of being recognised throughout the employment sector as a STEM-based market-leading specialist.

Thank you, as always, to our business partners who continue to support, teach and improve Nine Twenty.

As the business celebrates its 18th anniversary, I recollect my first day at work with Wendy McDougall who told me that the “by-products of hard work are honesty, determination and resilience. If you create these, then success will surely follow.”
So here’s to the next six months of 2022, whatever gets thrown our way! 
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