Meet The Team - Marketing Executive, Leigh Kinninmont

Meet The Team - Marketing Executive, Leigh Kinninmont

Leigh KinninmontLeigh Kinninmont, Marketing Executive, Nine Twenty


1. Can you tell us a little about your background before you joined the team at Nine Twenty?
Before joining Nine Twenty Recruitment I had not long graduated from University where I studied International Marketing. After graduating with a 1st Class Honours Degree, I had a few months experience as a Marketing and Communications Assistant with my local council where I gained the majority of my current marketing skills.
2. What attracted you to working with our team?
What attracted me to working with the Nine Twenty Recruitment was the career aspects and progression. The responsibilities of the role really peaked my interests, as these were skills I already had and skills I was keen to learn and develop. Not only this, during my interview process the team came across as very friendly which put me at ease quickly.
3. What does your role in the business involve?
As Marketing Executive for Nine Twenty Recruitment, my role involves supporting the marketing department in any way I can. A big part of my role is creating and scheduling content for our social media channels, making sure that job postings are out on time allowing people to apply. As well as this, I keep on top of marketing administration and reporting, work with other members of the marketing team to incorporate marketing needs into the overall company, along with other responsibilities.
4. What is your focus over the next 3 months?
My focus for the next few months is to fully understand the goals of the business and marketing department. This will allow me to work with other members of the team to implement any changes that might be needed. I really want to focus on being settled in my role and understand my responsibilities to my full potential, to ensure that I am doing the best I can.
5. Tell us more about who you are out of work?
Outside of work I’m quite a chilled person. I love to binge watch shows on Netflix and go out for food/socialise with friends. I have a dog named Pablo, I like to pop my earphones in and get him out on long walks (when the weather is on our side). I like to get away on holiday to a new city or country to explore, although Tenerife has a special place in my heart it’s just the best! 
6. What is your biggest success so far?
I would say that my biggest success would be receiving my First Class Honours Degree. Through high school, college and university I always had slight doubts in my mind that I would never be one of the better students receiving good grades. I was genuinely shocked when I got my result but it just proves that if you try hard enough, it pays off!
7. Describe yourself in 3 words?
Caring, easy-going and passionate.
If you are interested in getting in touch with Leigh regarding social media management, she would love to hear from you.
Leigh Kinninmont

Marketing Executive


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