Nine Twenty Support National STEM Day 2021

Nine Twenty Support National STEM Day 2021

Stephanie Stewart

Nine Twenty are proudly supporting National STEM Day 2021.

S.T.E.M stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills. The day is an opportunity to focus on helping children advance in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Creating understanding around STEM and STEAM is a big topic of conversation today.  Very few students pursue expertise in STEM fields—and we have an inadequate pipeline of teachers skilled in those subjects. On the flipside of that the need for STEM oriented job skills are skyrocketing.

There is a need for guided systems in schools. As many educators are not educated about the practical applications of STEM and lack knowledge about careers in STEM. Thus many educators are not able to guide students in these fields. It’s important to promote educational programs help to find fun and engaging ways to teach them to students.

STEM related jobs share an emphasis on innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Together they make up a fast-growing industry sector, with a large skills gap but huge career potential. As technology advances, the need for professionals who understand these industry sectors and who can propose practical solutions continues to grow.

People with STEM related skills and qualifications can feel confident that they possess the knowledge and experience needed to easily find work soon after graduation and throughout their career.

Nine Twenty recognise the need for young people to establish STEM related skills at an early age, as the world quickly evolves. Nine Twenty introduced "Insp-Hire". A STEM related event for young people and parents to come along and to understand the need for STEM learning in young people, our future workforce.

Managing Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, Karen Stewart, from the Insp-Hire event.

“We understand that as parents we want to know what the future holds for our children, and we were both passionate about creating an event that can educate and inspire families together”.

There are simple ways to introduce STEM into a young person’s life:

  • Encourage their inner inventor

  • Provide opportunities for creative problem solving

  • Visit a virtual museum/ event

  • Encourage exploratory and repetitive play

  • Encourage children to describe things they see and do

  • Engage with art

  • Research different STEM careers

  • Increase collaboration among others on tasks

  • Ask “why,” “what” and “how” questions as much as possible to push children to explain their thinking


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