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Beyond the salary – the importance of employee benefits

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How often do you stop to consider how you are motivating your employees? The way we see it, the old adage of a standard monthly pay packet being enough to keep staff happy is long gone. In the age of niche skillsets and career-hopping, a well-rounded employment experience Is now more important than ever for staff retention.


A recent study by Sage People has found that 66% felt that being recognised and valued by their employer was the most important part of their employment. Yet 47% said that’s they’d never been asked by their employer for ideas on improving their work life.


To make matters worse, research has also revealed that 69% of Britons don’t feel they have a good work-life balance, citing little holiday allowance and unpaid overtime as the main culprits. Only 23% of us claim to feel revitalised after a holiday – but are we all just moaning or do businesses need to sit up and take stock of what they’re offering their employees?


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In our sectors, we specialise in recruiting for hard-to-find skills, combined with candidate personality and culture fit – and that’s a pretty great package to fit into your business. Therefore, you need to be doing everything you can to keep them – and it’s not just about offering a good basic salary.


Why not consider:


  • Flexible working – studies have shown that when employees are working in environments that they feel are more advantageous to work, they are more engaged, happier and output is likely to be superior. It also helps with work-life balance.


Flexible working - Nine Twenty Recruitment


  • Training and development programmes – keep your employees engaged and learning – a strong career path means they’re more likely to want to stay where they are.


  • Performance-based bonus – it doesn’t work for all businesses, but some sectors see great results and it can add a healthy competitive edge to teams.


  • Go beyond the norm – did you know that Brewdog offers its staff puppy leave, or that JustEat host a resident DJ every evening? Only if it suits your brand – we’re not advocating ping pong tables!


We also think it’s vital to remember to share with your employees what success looks like – this will motivate them to achieve more and share their successes with the wider team.


And a final (and very-well known) word from the man who knows best; Richard Branson:


 “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

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