Investing In Talent For a Brighter Future

Investing In Talent For a Brighter Future

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Receiving investment for any business is a time for celebration, a time to raise a glass to the future and an opportunity to see your ideas develop and grow into what could be the most important journey of your life.


With investment comes growth; this means developing your workforce and selecting the right people to take on this journey with you. The importance of getting this right from the very start is pivotal to the success of your business and this begins with knowing where to go for quality advice.


Speaking to an expert in field, someone who is immersed in the sector and can tell you exactly what is happening out there on a day to day basis, is absolutely vital. This kind of information can even be free – with no strings attached, you should make utilise this, bleed it dry, open your doors to advice and knowledge and embrace a wider network. Services like Scottish Enterprise can provide you with a wealth of information and support you to make the right choices.


 In terms of growing your team, using the services of a recruitment partner to recruit may not always be the answer, but surely it’s worth taking that advice? Common mistakes can include; cost cutting, unwillingness to take advice, rushing your recruitment and potentially taking on the wrong employees who aren’t a culture fit. This can have a huge influence on your businesses, namely impacting both time and money. This is why the most important factor when growing a business is getting your talent strategy right first time.


Nine Twenty have had the pleasure of working with both fledgling businesses and established companies at the crucial time of growth strategy in order to support talent acquisition. By working with such a wide variety of clients, we are in a position to provide impartial advice on topics like salary rates, employee engagement strategy, contract negotiations and even Intellectual Property. Recognising that at this stage in business growth every penny is a prisoner, we not only have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the technology market place, our products and services are diverse enough to enable you to choose what works for your business. We are not here to engage in a transactional connection; we want to build client relationships based on trust, honesty, communication and most importantly, partnership. The absolute minimum you can expect from us is passion, enthusiasm and a whole lot of useful information.


My advice to any business both pre and post investment is open your mind to speaking to us, you may just be pleasantly surprised… 


Joanne Steggell

Senior Consultant (Technology)




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