The Fourth One.

Nine Twenty Recruitment - The Fourth One

Grant Morrison

I am back for the final Friday-blog of the month. And I have decided to keep things light once again. So expect the same as last time – Pictures, videos and the occasional gifted animal.


Last month was all about inspiration [Find that blog here. By clicking this hopefully blue hyperlink] and this month I want to talk about creativity in regards to recruitment. Again, as I am the one writing the blog it will be an unashamedly selective mix of print advertisements, radio ads, television ads, movie clips; whatever I can grab from a Google search really – Let’s get going…


…First up is a series of radio advertisements from the British army.




Not only are these brilliantly crafted recruitment ads, they are just beautifully crafted ads full stop. Perhaps I haven’t been listening hard-enough, but I cannot recall a recent radio advert that I would call decent let alone great. Yes, you’ll hear a catchy jingle every now and then, but they tend to produce large doses of annoyance rather than little doses of awe. Like I said two lines back, perhaps I haven’t been listening hard-enough. And if you have examples of some recent radio ads that you think are fantastic, then please send them my way…


…Okay. Example number two.


I mentioned Tom McElligott last month. And I am going to mention him again this month, as his work really is wonderful. Any opportunity I get to show an example of his work I will take with both hands and feet. Although I admit this could be a tiny, little, incy-wincy cheat, as it is not for a job per se. But, it is for a course that could potentially get you a job once you’ve finished – So I will allow it.



*Imagination time*

Picture receiving that image in your inbox today. If you are like me, there is no way you would just ignore it. You would have to scroll down to see why a dog was balancing a cat, who was balancing two acrobatic mice. You would have to. And you wouldn’t be disappointed when you got to the reveal. If it was for say a fabric softener, and they were just using the talented dog, cat and mice to grab your attention then I would feel a little cheated. But as it stands, both the words and the image complement each other perfectly….


…Moving on. We’ve not had a video, so let’s go with a video next. A video with some puppets I think.



What can really be said about this video? It’s just a nice little fun glimpse into working at Dropbox. They could have easily done it without the use of puppets – They could have just had their staff talking instead. However, that little extra bit of effort shown to create those custom puppets makes them stand-out that little bit more – Which can only be a good thing. Especially if you wish to attract the best-of-the-best.


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed all these examples. I’ve included a little bonus advert at the end as a sort of end of the week treat. And if you have examples you think I should see then please feel free to share them.


Email address is as follows


Talk to you in the future.


Grant Morrison, Marketing Executive, Nine Twenty






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