What is the sexiest profession? Surely it’s being a Recruiter?

What is the sexiest profession? Surely it’s being a Recruiter?

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There we were, sitting around, sorry working hard, in the Nine Twenty office, exuding sex appeal like a combination of George Clooney and Kim Kardashian (other men/women are available) and then into our inbox comes this survey, from our industry trade mag no less (the Recruiter in case you’re interested), and anyway, it’s got this article about ‘what is the sexiest profession?’ and we were all preening ourselves and looking to see where in the top ten we come…*


At No 1, with a bullet, literally, comes being in the Armed Forces.  Interestingly, a similar survey in Australia a few years ago also put soldiers at No 1.  It must be the uniform.  Elsewhere in the Top Ten we find the emergency services, nursing, athlete, radio/TV presenter type roles you might expect.  Again, the Aussie survey had ‘emergency services’ second, so clearly it’s not just us here in Britain who think this way. 


It’s when you get into the list of sexy professions ranked 11-20 that we started to wonder about all this.  Banker?  Business founder, Chief Exec (OK, perhaps ours is lovely, but the rest?).  We’d better not say any more.  Some of our best friends are accountants, plumbers and even graphic designers.


Anyway, the full list is as follows:

1. Armed forces

2. Pilot

3. Nurse

4. Flight attendant

5. Emergency services

6. Doctor

7. Professional athlete

8. Artist

9. Radio/TV presenter

10. Builder

11. Bartender

12. Teacher

13. Architect

14. Designer/graphic designer (Grant is being smug now).

15. Business founder/chief executive (so is Gordon)

16. Banker

17. Accountant/Finance (and everyone in Finance)

18. Plumber

19. App developer/coder

20. Journalist


* As you can see, recruiters are nowhere. Then the penny drops… the survey was commissioned by the Federation of Master Builders^.  Which begs the question, isn’t it about time that REC or APSCo commissioned such a survey….?


^ The trade association commissioned Opinion Matters to conduct a survey of 2,000 UK adults to produce the list. 


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