A Shut and Open Case for being in Rotterdam this week!

The shutting down of your business for any length of time is an expensive task, especially if it’s unexpected.  When accompanied by a planned turnaround or a scheduled programme of maintenance, renewal and investment, it’s a complex yet essential task for oil and gas operators, petrochemicals, steel-makers, power generation, utilities and technology companies. The costs of labour, equipment and materials can be significant and, as a plant ages, the importance of conducting your turnaround and maintenance events efficiently, cost-effectively and timeously has increased year on year.


With that in mind, the 12th Annual Shutdowns and Turnarounds Summit, running this week from 24th-25th February in Rotterdam, is the place to be if you want to learn how to make your maintenance events run with the smooth efficiency (if not the aesthetic beauty) of a Swiss watch.


There will be over 80 operators in Holland this week with dedicated sessions focusing upon optimal contractor management, planning and scheduling, scope management, cost control, as well as on site and post execution strategies.


From our perspective, what’s interesting is that the industry acknowledges that, for all the importance of turnarounds, there are not enough experts in this field.  In fact, there is a decidedly limited pool of talented people, so the Summit is an excellent place to network with those individuals who have the right combination of expertise and experience.  We are promised “a bustling exhibition hall, interactive panel discussions and practical sessions”. 


Sounds like fun. We hope to see you there!


Tom Willoughby, Associate Director, 9-20 Energy