What Makes Us Different?
What makes us different?
“Working with Nine Twenty Recruitment has been fantastic. Nine Twenty have always found a great candidate for all roles we have looked to fill. Knowing we have a partner we can trust, that has specialist skills in recruitment, understands our values and who would best fit our team is an asset for our business going forward.” - James McPherson, Chief Executive Officer, Voice Technologies.
Our Values:

Passion and

Passion for our work drives us
to succeed with our clients.


Innovation and

Our process innovates on the
traditional recruitment structure.

and Transparency

Transparency gives confidence
that you're in good hands.

and Trust

We ensure that integrity and
trust is maintained.

and Adaptivity

Adaptation allows us to suit
your recruitment needs.

and Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive
workplace is important to us.

Here are 5 facts that make Nine Twenty Recruitment different.
1. We work hard to really understand the culture, ethos and DNA of your organisation. This shapes everything we do for you.
2. We partner with you, instead of working with you on a transactional basis. When we represent you in the market as your recruitment partner, this gives us an edge.
3. We build you an employer brand that stands out, using blogs, video, graphics, social posts, case studies, employer spotlights and other compelling content. This tells your story authentically – and shows candidates why you’re a great place to work.
4. We don’t just put candidates into jobs. We make sure your role is right for the candidate. And we make sure the candidate is right for you. This means we’re helping clients recruit and retain talent for the long term.
5. We’re passionate about representing our candidates, as well as our clients. This means listening to candidates, advising them, giving them the right information and supporting them with professional selection and onboarding processes.
Whether you are looking for the best person for your team or the best opportunity for your career, we are here to help. We are bursting with enthusiasm, experience, commitment and strive on establishing strong stakeholder and candidate relationships.
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