Celtic Renewables
Celtic Renewables patented low-carbon technology converts unwanted and low-value biological material into high-value renewable chemicals, sustainable biofuel, and other commercially and environmentally valuable commodities.
Celtic Renewables is widely regarded as one of the most innovative Biotech companies in Europe, who have developed a patented low-carbon technology converting biological residues into high value low carbon sustainable bio-chemicals. The process is an inspirational reinvention of a century old process known as the Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) fermentation, to bring this age-old fermentation back to the global scale.
The sustainable biochemicals produced by this innovative process are highly sought after across a range of industries - from biofuels cosmetics, food flavourings, hygiene and pharmaceuticals. This pioneering company has completed construction of their first state of the art processing plant in Grangemouth, a historical exemplar plant for Scotland, and are already in the process of plant commissioning.