Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity within every company is vital if you want the inner structure of your business to represent the world we now live in. To create a harmonious balance between different under-represented groups and nurture inclusiveness it is key to make the right decisions and create positive initiatives that focus on diversity.

Recruiters are critical to the hiring policies of the companies they work with. Nine Twenty Recruitment work with clients supporting them to fulfil their recruitment requirements, whilst guiding them on best practise in order to advocate an inclusive and diverse employment processes . Moreover, many businesses are desperate for the kind of professional, expert advice that can help them achieve their diversity goals in a manner that makes sense for their own specific working environment. Nine Twenty Recruitment are well placed to offer this partnership to all our clients.

Our recruiters are on hand to help shape the future of the industries they specialise in. Its a shared responsibility to make a difference to under-represented groups that struggle to even get a foot in the door - let alone make a successful career - in certain sectors.

The good news is this: those who get their diversity and inclusion strategies right are highly likely to reap rewards both in terms of a benefit to their business’s working culture, and to their commercial prospects. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has risen to be one of the top, if not the most important strategic priority for businesses. The momentum has grown as the moral argument of every individual having the opportunity to be the best they can be is so compelling. Equally companies are recognising the positive impact on innovation and organisational performance that Diversity & Inclusion can bring.

Nine Twenty Recruitment aim to help companies to shape their Diversity and Inclusion strategy by providing support to our clients on key areas:

  • The business case

  • Language and key terminology

  • Case studies of excellence

  • Simple tools

  • Guidelines and best practice

Five Key principles which Nine Twenty Recruitment have integrated into their working environment encouraging clients to continue to do the same, when recruiting.

1. Embed flexible working options across the organisation.

2. Create a culture that values difference.

3. Develop the ‘psychological contract’: The psychological contract is not a written contract but an implicit set of assumptions regarding the relationship between employees and employers. These are:

  • That employees will be treated fairly and honestly

  • That employees can expect to have some degree of security and certainty about their jobs

  • That employees can expect employers to recognise and value their contributions

4. Engage your staff teams: It is vital that all employees feel valued and are respected team members. 

5. Demonstrate leadership and management commitment.