Diversity & Inclusion
“We don’t judge or discriminate – we want our employees to be true to themselves and to flourish and grow.”
- Nicola McCuaig, Operations Manager, Nine Twenty Recruitment
Create a culture that values difference
In a diverse and inclusive workplace, everyone feels equally involved and supported, regardless of their background and culture, or characteristics like race, gender or religion.
At Nine Twenty Recruitment, we help clients shape their Diversity and Inclusion strategy and integrate this into their working environment.
Nine Twenty Recruitment work with clients supporting them to fulfil their recruitment requirements, whilst guiding them on best practise in order to advocate an inclusive and diverse employment processes.
This is inspired by our own experience as a diverse and inclusive employer, and through our close working relationship with Diversity Scotland, which specialises in helping businesses to hire, engage and develop diverse talent.
Shaping your Diversity & Inclusion strategy
Nine Twenty Recruitment will help you develop:


Diversity and inclusion
and why it’s vital for your business(s).

Language and terminology
promoting diversity.

Case studies of
diversity and inclusion excellence.

Simple tools to
promote diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion
guidelines and best practice.


Integrating Diversity & Inclusion into your workplace


We’re proud at Nine Twenty Recruitment to be a diverse and inclusive employer, and we encourage clients to follow five key principles that have worked for us:
1. Embed flexible working across your business – this might include working from home, job sharing, compressed hours, flexitime and part-time working.
2. Create a culture that values difference – for example, encourage your employees to talk about what matters to them. Be supportive, not judgemental.
3. Show employees through your daily conversations and interactions that:

•    They will be treated fairly and honestly
•    They can expect to have some degree of security and certainty about their jobs
•    You as their employer recognises and values their contributions

4. Talk about Diversity & Inclusion – so everyone understands what it means – and all employees feel they are valued and respected team members.
5. Demonstrate leadership and management commitment – the actions of leaders and managers show Diversity & Inclusion in practice.


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