My first week at 9-20 by Lauren Murray

My first week at 9-20 by Lauren Murray

Posted on 09/07/2014 

by Lauren Murray

Having just joined 9-20 as a Marketing Executive last week I was invited along to their half year office party. One of my first tasks on the job was to create a presentation for our MD Gordon Brown to present to everyone. I wanted to do something different that would engage everybody so I created a Prezi presentation (a cloud based website used to turn power points into ‘a conversation’ check it out at


The presentation began with an overview of the 9-20 group success over the past three months and bottles of champagne were popped to celebrate the successful launch of our new division 9-20 professional services. Gordon then went on to talk about the company strategy going forward (keep an eye out as some exciting times lie ahead for 9-20). The presentation came to an end with some gifts for the top three consultants this past quarter and then the party kick started with a mojito master class from Gordon Henderson Head of Group Sales & Business Development here at 9-20. Check out the video below on how to make your own featuring Gordon Henderson and Jamie McKay.


After all the hard work over the quarter everyone got involved with making cocktails and playing beer pong. We ordered some pizza and then headed over to Mosquito for some more cocktails and a dance.


My first week here at 9-20 has been enjoyable and eventful. There is so much going on so I’m very excited to be part of the team and can’t wait to get involved in the future of such an innovative company.


If you want to follow my journey here at 9-20 or simply get some more info on how to make Gordon Henderson’s magic mojitos follow us on Twitter @Nin9Twenty