Does the traditional CV still have a place in the Scottish Tech Sector?

Does the traditional CV still have a place in the tech sector?

Posted on 28/01/2014 

by Kate Murphy

There is no doubt that in recent years the recruitment process has become more difficult. There are increasing numbers of qualified graduates looking to kick-start their professional careers and professional experienced candidates competing for similar positions. However, does the traditional CV still have the same dominance in the Tech Sector with the increasing popularity of online platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter?  


With various different social medias available (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+...), candidates can build a strong online presence which is readily available to hiring managers. Often LinkedIn will be the hiring manager’s first port of call when considering candidates. Here, they can access an abundance of relevant information (much of which is similar to CV content) such as; summary, experience and skills. In addition, testimonials can be exchanged on LinkedIn and groups/networks are shown.

However, it is important to appreciate the difference between your online profile and your CV when you are looking for a job. Although they reinforce each other, they play slightly different roles.

Your social profile (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+...) can be used to attract the attention of potential hiring manager’s; demonstrate how you operate in a professional work environment and a way to show off some of your interests. 

Whereas, your CV should be there to add depth to what you do, more specific content around your work achievements and give you the opportunity to tailor it to each specific job.

Therefore a strong CV is still an indispensible tool in your search for a new job. It is essential that you keep it updated as most employers like to see a copy of this before talking further action or inviting you for an interview. So for tips on creating an impressive CV please see our white paper; “CV Tips for the modern IT seeker”. And your feedback would be appreciated!