Insp-Hire, why it is important to us?

Insp-Hire, why it is important to us?

Posted on 30/08/2023 


Insp-Hire, why it is important to us and why it should be important to you?:

Nine Twenty are proudly hosting our second Insp-hire event this coming Saturday and we are beyond excited. We decided to host it locally this year to allow families to walk to the event. Times have changed since we held our first event in the City Centre in 2019 and with the cost of living being high, we wanted to make Insp-hire accessible to local communities and be completely free of charges and costs.


So what is Insp-Hire?:

This is an event we created to encourage families to learn about the importance of STEM learning for their children in a fun and interactive environment. We partnered with our friends at SmartSTEMs to bring this event to life. SmartSTEMs are a charity that sole purpose is to encourage children towards STEM careers so with our values being aligned, it was a match made in heaven.


Why is it so important to us?:

Well, all of our company Directors are parents to young children of school age. We as business leaders are lucky enough to have access to STEM industries and see the opportunities within but equally, we also realise that many people not connected to STEM industries may have no idea about the changes to the job landscape now and more importantly, in the very near future. With the automation of processes, the developments in AI and Data Science will mean huge opportunity… but with a whole new set of skills required. Parents who are not aware of this may be encouraging their child to work towards a career that could be defunct by the time they reach working age. This is all before we talk about green skills and space skills...


So why is Insp-hire important for you?:

For Parents/Carers:

it is so important that you learn about what the future of technology will bring. You are a key influencer of your childs choices so educating yourself on what is out there now and what it may look like in future can hep you decide which way is best to encourage your child. Insp-hire will bring you such an amazing selection of businesses to showcase fun and interactive technologies, plus you get the chance to hear more about that the companies do and how fruitful careers can be in these environments for your child in future. Plus, your child might just develop an interest in something you had no idea they would be into (believe us, it happens every time!)

For Employers:

Skills, skills, skills and people, people people! Your business needs them now and in future. Insp-hire makes it easy for you to engage families in STEM, teach them more about your company, build a talent pipeline for future and build a stronger employer brand. Plus you are networking with families and parents who may also have skills that you need now. It really is a no brainer! All you need is a little time out, yes I know it’s a weekend but we need to ensure we are working in family space and times that they are available together.

Supporting Bodies and education:

Insp-hire is a facilitator to achieve so many goals in the one event. Mixing industry with so many families and showcasing technologies will increase interest in STEM learning, address gender gaps and diversity issues and attract people to our areas of skills shortages.

This event is shaping up to be fabulous and we really can not wait. We have 30 companies ready to support us and showcase some amazing and interactive activities so thank you to all of you. Also a big thank you to our partners at SmartSTEMs who truly do collaborate for the greater good and also a thank you to East Renfrewshire Council and The Foundry in Barrhead for donating such an amazing space for us.

And wait for it… Interest from the local communities has been amazing and we have had a huge amount of sign ups to attend on the day.

We will of course post updates on how our day went but there is still time to sign up to attend -

If your company is interested in participating and inspiring the next generation, please get in touch with us at or call 0141 231 1260.

We would love to work together with our network and make Insp-Hire a truly remarkable event!

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